To execute a search type one or more search terms into one or more search boxes then press Enter on your keyboard, or scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Query button.




Searches in the Digital Archives are NOT case sensitive.  For example, searches for mauthausen, Mauthausen, and MAUTHAUSEN will all retrieve the same results.


Combining search terms (and, or, not) within a search box


AND is assumed between words typed in a query box

            (letter train will retrieve records containing both words)


Words separated by OR (must be upper case) means find either word (or both)

            (Belgium OR Poland will retrieve records containing either word, or both)


Exclude a word by immediately preceding it with a hyphen

            (letter –train will retrieve records containing the first word but NOT the second)


Combining search terms in more than one search box


The drop-down arrows at the left of each search box allow you to combine terms from more than one search box with AND, OR, or NOT.




Use an asterisk (*) to search truncated words.  For example, art* will find records containing the words art, artist, artists, artistic, article, artisan, and any other word beginning with the letters art.


Phrase searches


To search for an exact phrase, put quotation marks around your search term.


Date searches


Dates are entered into our database in the format MM-DD-YYYY.  You can search for an exact date if you know it, or you can search for a month and year (MM-YYYY), or a year (YYYY).  NOTE: use hyphens (MM-DD-YYYY) NOT slashes, e.g. (MM/DD/YYYY) WILL NOT WORK.


Search for a range of dates using a colon (:) to separate the beginning and end of the range.


Here are some examples of date searches:


            If you enter in the “Date” search box:                    You will retrieve:

            1945                                                                            Records dated within the year 1945

            06-1945                                                                       Records dated within June of 1945

            09-27-1942                                                                 Records dated with that exact date

            1930 : 1939                                                                 Records dated between Jan. 1, 1930

                                                                                                     and Dec. 31, 1939

            01-1945 : 04-1945                                                      Records dated between Jan. 1, 1945

                                                                                                     and Apr. 30, 1945


Selecting from a list of choices


The Digital Archives offers 2 methods of selecting a search term from a list of choices.


Some of the search boxes (Language, Format) have a drop-down arrow at the right of the box; this arrow will display a list of choices for those boxes.


Some of the search boxes have a button at the right that says Browse Choices.  Clicking this button will open up a window which will allow you to browse and select from the indexes which are being searched in that search box.  More help on this feature is available by clicking the Help button in this window.